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Related article: Date: Sun, 11 29th March 18, 2001 58 -0000 From: Cliff Traynor u003ccliff6 hotmail. com u003e Subject : Brother -in -Law Part 2 n This story is a continuation of chapter 1, which includes M / M sexual the interaction between two Nn Lolitas married men. *********************************************** * ** ************** Steve and Karen honeymoon was Europe a month after his of the wedding, and when he returned were launched in their work.. My wife and I missed his company, but we kept in touch by phone. After 5 months had passed and the weather was a little better, we decided to relax together for a well deserved weekend. While not quite the summer vacation, it was nice enough to get a cabin on Lake of the off-season prices. I have called an and found us a nice two-room hut registration was close most of the popular area of ​​the town, in a private setting. In the week prior to our weekend my wife and I were with a Good - ole - argument. It was a voice behind her workload and would not go, , while I had it, was exactly what I need ( us). And then in the evening of Wednesday, he received a call from Steve tells us that Karen was very sick with the flu and think not, they would be able to participate. that s was too late to cancel the operation, to recover our money, so that even an option. So I was with my wife who does not want to get really stuck, and a long weekend on. Well, I thought I could bring your laptop and the desire to work heart, and I do that - well, what I like to feel. Early Thursday morning the phone rang and it was Karen wanted to talk to Cynthia. When she hung up the phone, made ​​a proposal that Steve and I'm at the cabin on our own. They much happier one - Karen n always better, and Cynthia completion of their work. I called Steve back and if not enthusiastic (like the four of us, for good and s did not feel very lonely and sick of Karen)We agreed to move forward. is handled separately, the next morning with the intention of the cabin owners are in our particular site for 11 hours. It was a old beautiful, healthy-looking woman, who felt bad about our situation, but was glad that we have to use the plaza. We will know the good fishing in the area of ​​, and all the necessary details we need to know in the cabin. (The n I did not know that none of us were fishermen ) Steve moved just as I had finished the conversation with Mrs. Hampton was introduced and quickly. When he left, gave friendly hug Steve and I mutually good. It was nice to see it. return to our respective cars and following the instructions, finally, to find our cabin. It was beautiful. Not really rustic, but tinged with a well-kept of the cabin, with a lighter, natural color and in perfect condition. see through the window, looked very comfortable furniture inside. The rear of the plaza was beaEvergreens utiful high lining of the crowd, but the front of the small bay at the end of the face Lake. Although many of the trees were just buds, it was awesome. The two sighed as we knew, our partner would have liked the setting, and that sat there in silence, the scent of nature. Upon entering, we dropped the bags and the food down and both fell back together on the couch. Our weapons passed through the other shoulder in a welcoming embrace, and sat down again - together - in silence warm. "It's good to see you again.... it's been a long time. " We sat in silence for a few minutes before we spoke again. It felt like we had to adjust. lean back with one arm behind the other, our thighs touch blue jean n , and from time to time, a foot would be the other lane. is nice. I'm sure you both remember our last two meetings, which is away by friends, sucking cock brother-in- law. Who would have known after all theseYears about the same time, we sat down and began routine to put things removed. We packed our bags and walked two in the same room. because knew were questions and concerns that we both know that we share the same bed. We put our clothes in the drawers, and I took our bags to the another room, jumped on the bed. After washing, it was time for dinner, and both have a good look at what s the had brought others. I was sure it would be a good healthy weekend. " Let's go to the lake and see what is happening! " Steve said. It still has not gone off our outdoor equipment, trotting into the water to take at a glance. Out of season, there was almost no one. There was singing Nn Lolitas of birds, chipmunks and squirrels chattered, and the sound incredibly soft of the waters that wash the sand. We decided to walk along the beach very close to collect wood, clay together with its stones in the water. We talked and joked and threw typical men competeitive comments to each other, but it was for fun. We decided to return for lunch and ran all the way to push each other in the bushes or on the sand, trying to crush the other. At the end laughed so hard that does not get up the small hill, is performed n in the cabin, but we have it - try any of us do not allow the another person through the cabin door - only. When we started, we set push and push and push each others. All we were trying to do was have a couple of big meat sandwiches, but that s Centuries ago, when one of us the bread of others, and cast it would take over n the room, or if the knife in the back -end in a drawer or in the refrigerator... I am sure that has been... It was only with silly fun. Finally, we are full of food and took it, along with a few beers n, to sit in large wooden chairs with sea views. When finished, Steve came to take to urinate, and when he returned, n , I asked if I wanted dessert. when IAsked what he did, s approached me, a little open his flannel jacket, revealing that a large penis soft s big dangling from his blue jeans. I looked out for a split second, but I did not see. "Well, which has" requested that I tried to play completely straight. " Oh, I think there are a few donuts, cookies, fruit, and. Uh... oh yah.. a bag of cream !.... but you know you need a little to get a job there... but, uh listen, it's really delicious. " Now we were both in the celebration of our laughter, while moving to kill. His penis was very close to my face.... " So, what will... biscuits... (he took another step closer )..... or cream ? " So I moved closer, while his penis touched my face. I breathed deeply enjoy the aroma of his hairy coat. I took it out of the his departure, as his cock was huge, a lot of shame and his big sack. " He was lost," said Steve. "I 've missed," he said, and took his penis in my mouth. Steve came into my face, legs give a little, give to get a best angle of his cock in my mouth. He stood on tiptoe, so that the tip of his cock n soft could glide through my lips. The man who was great. He smiled down me, and I periodically look back a smile. He began to slowly fuck my face, I left to the pubic bone, and gradually drawing, sometimes rely on my face and I could smell and lick the pocket of his s, but then again a foil and start again. was now more comfortable and familiar to me, and this man was fat is only so big - it's hard to resist. "Are you ready for the first treatment for the weekend ? Do you want the empty bag of the cream to the abdomen? " All I could do is nod hairy erection in my mouth. He grabbed my blue jeane ass and hugged me while I was a good fuck to start. that s base has been in good, fast and strong, when I grabbed his head about him and stopped whenwhole body tense, and let be a real burden n full of cum. I took it deep until he was ready. When you finished he said, but stopped stroking his face soft tail. that knew that I liked, and I liked the highlight of his pubic hair on the chin the nose. " Now we can start the weekend," he said with a big smile and beautiful. was set up in his chair, with only the tail - head and stuck her dark hair pubis of its progress and finished drinking his beer. We sat and drank our beers in peace, soaking the seed in my throat, and him only enjoyed the fact that his old friend and brother, had sucked only it. In a few minutes, he approached his chair and dropped me on my legs lap. We met with our glasses and encouraged : "To Cocksucking ". "Steve, I have to say that the cock of yours is just me, all that is presented. You do not fly very distinct smell that makes me, and the form size his penis and scrotum are only good perfect. " " And I liketoo much, " replied the goblin of Lucky Charms business. Steve took walking shoes, and put my feet in my lap and started talking and he started me on a moon honey, and tell the big things did. do not talk much about sex, because they had lived together for a while before getting married. I think she already had a little honeymoon. this was only a trip to celebrate their marriage. the only both our wives were not made to give blowjobs, and we agreed on me to help others others in this department, and we are both comfortable with him. that seemed I was a little more excited about doing with him, like him, but I did not know Ghoul, and Nn Lolitas was very happy with the arrangement. as we talked, I massaged her feet and found myself sitting socks with an erection. I made sure that while I was massaging his feet, I pressed the heel of your left foot on my penis erect. somewhere in the middle of his Storytelling, I moved to the "I 'm going to run " a way ofND started to move the foot on my hard cock.. It was fast and tacky. My tail streaming heavy load, and my boxers were wet. I took a deep sigh of relief, and Then he told his story to the end. If your story was over, which gradually came into the cabin and the n Nn Lolitas have a nap. This was, after a holiday. He went to bed, and was on the couch. After a few hours, the shrill ring of the phone cell Steve broke my sleep very comfortably. Karen was there to ask if all is well and that we need and want them to be there. When he made the phone, Steve sat next to me on the couch with a curious look. " What do you think would tell the girls if they knew what we did? " "Hmmm, not sure. Perhaps what we really get to see the two of us sucking each other..... maybe they would realize that it is not so bad.... or maybe they were all crazy and leave us, why do you say? "n " no , no... I was wondering. "In this Moment, I suddenly realized I was a little jealous, and thought if he came to public light, you can never able to suck his cock again. I was hoping it would not happen, but decided to in my head now. When I get up, I realized that all my seeds were dried in my shorts and pubic hair was stuck all together and my cock.. "Ahh," shouted , and sat down again. "Everyone has my semen. Secas they need to get them clothes. I've stuck with glue to the seed. " I got up and went to the room of my shoes and slip pants, then pulling my boxers. I went down the hall and in the laundry to wash the dried seeds of my crotch. Steve came in n to see what I did, and we started chatting about shit every day... as if was a normal thing to do while cleaning his best friend of his sperm. When I finished, I put on my underwear to dry and finally in my sweater and socks. There was a moment of Silence, when Steve, undid his pants and put on the floor. We both embrace slightly together and our cocks together hairy. We took a step back and watching our tails to play together. It was great, my cock sliding through the n her pubic hair, and for him as I do. Then continue with the game , which would take a step back to see if I could touch the tips of our tails. This was a feeling that I loved. We were both oozing pre-cum, but it was good if our pee slots and connected to the head lightly discarded together. We did this for about 30 minutes, we were both down n see "our boys" play together. laugh We, who complained and was very good! There was a time that was overcome with passion and looked into her eyes only to discover that Steve did the same. Previously, he cock -play, but there was always something else. We moved in together and with our faces only inches away, I leaned over and kissed him, then was back. The two smiled, and at a time when he grabbed her head and face and began to kiss. The lips first, then the tongue. How strange and exciting with feel the heads and tails - discover one another. that stayed there for a long time to kiss passionately, then slow and fast that we Nn Lolitas are both very emotional. together laughed with tears of joy - that moment when you know you must love somebody. We have to say. I knew him and knew that were in a very special relationship. We looked at the clock and realized that the afternoon had slipped from to us. We got our clothes back on and made something to eat, eat mostly in silence, enjoying the presence of others. In the evening went for a long walk in the woods when aggressive then got into the cab before it was dark. Back at the cabin, I made ​​a fire, while Steve gave us both a couple of whiskeys. We sat back the couch together, when the Board finallytted probably suck your dick s all night. I told him that there was something about the smell of her body n and especially at their own pace, something I've done I've never felt before n,. With these words he stood up, removed everything but the socks and sat back down. ". We have two days, this is a holiday for both relaxation and stress - what you can do what makes you feel good, and I'll do what I feel I \\ \\ s well. " She leaned back and spread her legs for the next 4 hours, I sucked his penis and its eggs are not continuously, but in and out. There were a couple of times when him or I had to go to the bathroom or go to the kitchen for a drink. a when he returned from the toilet I sat naked on the couch. When he sat down, I asked him again, so I sat her ass to prove it. was an exquisite view, and I sniffed and sniffed and licked a about 30 minutes. It is the first time I n my ​​way down to his balls and in her ass. That was great to be ableAsscrack licking her, Nn Lolitas but took it do not last long. He was much loved, not very comfortable with stay in your ass. We have a 69 front of the fireplace, where a frenzied suck -off The competition has to see who could finish first. I won ! I've waited their turn n to be sucked all day, and when it finally happened, I plunged damn fast. But - sucked, and I had always aspired to that shot. that continued before the fire talking and touching and licking and sucking. The end of the night ended with me on my knees - and as I said a n very hard face fuck. That's when he was sweaty and a little drunk. It s stuck to the sides of my head and just went crazy. (If I was in his laughter small porn drunk and acting on the application, but I had it in my the mouth all the time) As you all should know now, I loved the smell of the No shame and the opportunity to keep his balls. Nice hard cock was always a good training. When I held his hairy ass n Sat clinging to the head. I have a hard job, up and down had it all in, while my erection brushed against his leg very hairy. Could I felt my cock and put his leg over me, so n my ​​tail, and a better contact your skin. Just before arriving, my cock began to release their juice on her leg and in a few seconds started to vomit in my the mouth. He shouted and laughed when " oh shit wine - oh man - fuck fuck fuck... bastard.... what it is a big fucking asshole. " After cleaning him with my tongue, I stood before him. He saw that I had some own semen s on my penis and testicles, and he waved me forward. I was placed between his legs, leaned forward and used his tongue to clean my cock s balls, it was amazing and it was great, looked wash my tools for a change with his tongue. The rest of the weekend was similar. Eating, walking andSip. I am enjoying my new brother in law ! love to hear your comments Cliff6 hotmail. com
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